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CP-E HPFpump 2.3L MRZ Disi

Топливный насос увеличенной производительности для Мазды - CP-E MRZ Disi 2.3L HPFpump. Оригинальный топливный насос медленно создает давление и после 5000 об. давление начинает падать, он способен создавать давление в 1600psi в диапазоне от 3000 до 5000 об, а после этого давление зачастую падает до 1200 а то и всего до 900 psi - это очень плохо ибо в форсированном двигателе наибольшая потребность топлива находится как раз в диапазоне оборотов свыше 5000. Топливный насос CP-E HPSpump способен гораздо быстрее создавать высокое давление, выше чем оригинальный насос, и способен подерживать это давление вплоть до отсечки по оборотам без снижения. Обычно оригинального топливного насоса достаточно для мощностей двигателя до 350 л.с., свыше рекомендуется установка более производительного топливного насоса. Применяемость: Mazda MPS 3/6 MRZ Disi 2.3L

After many months of reviewing dyno graphs, air/fuel charts, and Standback™ datalogs from SPEED vehicles from around the globe, we have come to the conclusion that the high-pressure fuel pump is not capable of producing the horsepower many people are in search of. From our tests, we have seen the high-pressure pump give out at about 400hp on the top end (about 310whp for the SPEED6, and 350whp for the SPEED3), but we’ve also witnessed “lean spots” on the low-end of the powerband with nothing more then bolt-ons! So, we started doing our homework about these sophisticated pumps many months ago, and are now nearing the release of our exclusive high-pressure fuel pump. “But there are pumps on the market already. Why not just sell those?!” In order for us to feel comfortable offering a lifetime warranty on the fuel pump, we want to ensure that every failure mode has been identified and addressed. The high-pressure fuel pump used on the Mazda vehicles is mechanically coupled to your camshaft, if the pump were to fail, be it by locking up and seizing or wearing improperly, you stand to destroy your entire engine. In an effort to save potentially expensive high performance engines, we aim to offer what we consider to be the highest quality, and most thoroughly tested high-pressure fuel pump available. Okay, Then What Is cp-e™ Doing That is So Different? We have been working with a company for some time now in developing a pump specifically designed for the Mazdaspeed vehicles. That way we’ll feel comfortable offering a lifetime warranty on the part, and the customer should feel confident that their purchase has been thoroughly tested and validated. We will also provide individual documentation for each pump on a full spectrum of tests including pumping efficiency, volumetric flow rate, and each pump will be serialized for traceability. In order to achieve this, each individual pump is placed in a specialized testing rig and is broken in under controlled conditions. Each pump’s performance during the break-in procedure is recorded, and a summary of the results is included with each unit. That way you’ll know exactly how your pump will perform in the field, and it will be properly broken in. In addition to our extensive testing procedures, we provide brand new premium seals, and also coat the fuel pump piston with a DLC (diamond-like coating) for enhanced wear protection. We realize that there will be cheaper alternatives on the market, but in an effort to do things, “The cp-e™ way” we will be providing a product that is fully documented and tested. With this we can offer a lifetime warranty against engine damage and that it will perform the way that we say it will. If you want only the highest quality and most reliable high pressure fuel pump for your hardcore SPEED vehicle, then there will be no other choice then the cp-e™ High Pressure Fuel Pump upgrade kit. Stay tuned for more info!

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